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1000 ai paper zombies

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tsumea 1000 ai challenge

although the event has officially past the final submission date, i would like to submit what i would consider an entry.

it's the magic world of paper zombies.

purpose -

you are in control of two hordes of zombies. you must use your imagination here a wee bit because all you can do is move them around, and ultimately make one horde eat the other one.

controls -

arrow keys will fly you around. use the mouse to look while holding the middle mouse button. use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out.

use the number pad to control the paper zombies. the zombies will move in formation to the part of the play area which corresponds to that key. hold shift while using the numpad to move the other team.

zombies can interact with one another. when a zombie detects another body directly in front of it, it has a chance to execute a callback function. different callbacks can be used, depending on the team of the other zombie, and how far away it is. in this example only one callback is used. the blue zombies can 'eat' the white zombies. if they get close enough, the blue zombie will jump to the white zombies position and the white zombie will cease to exist

modification -

user modification is entirely possible. the example data set up in the scripts are completely open to being edited for different results. some examples of changes that can be made:
- different skybox or world geometry
- changing the amount or formation of zombies
- changing the speed, turn rate and 'wander amount' of each zombie
- adding more detailed interaction callbacks
changing the starting parameters will affect the ai results in different ways.

download link -

NOTE: the original paper zombie pattern is a custom design of Matt Hawkins's paperdude design. unfortunately im not responsible for this wonderful art.