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Welcome + About Me



Hi and welcome to my page on the new Tsumea!

I hope to upload some of my work soon. For the time being please visit my portfolio in progress.
My resume can be viewed on my LinkedIn page.

About me
In December I will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts: Games Graphics Design at RMIT.
I have finished my studies now and I am working on small game project with a couple colleagues. I am still working in retail.

I am currently looking for a job in QA, design, level design or any other entry level position. I am open to relocating interstate or overseas.

I am a video game fanatic and enjoy a broad range of games from Katamari Damacy to Doom. To work in the industry is my dream. I believe I am ready for any amount of work and any situation with the experience I have at gained at Uni. I work effectively in a group and I have enjoyed being the project manager in the four mods I have helped create. Ultimately I want to become a project manager in a video game company.

Thanks for looking at my page!