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Images: Old Folio 2006 - Part 3 - The Snacuum


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This contraption is the reason for my username and is my pride and joy of the years I spent studying at A.I.E. My role in the creation of a working game level for our last assignment was to make this device, pivotal to both the story and gameplay of our level.

This vacuum/hovercraft/animal catcher was made to collect cute animals and deposit them at the factories of a giant totalitarian fast food company in a fictional steampunk future, think "Abe's Oddysee."

Designed to be reasonably low poly but not overly so since it takes up a lot of screen space and is in essence a whole player character. I believe it to be close to 6000 tris and uses 512,256,128 sized texture pages including a tiny specular map for highlights. It was my first stab at normal mapping, created without normal sculpting programs. It contains a basic rig and morph targets attached to it's tube and nozzle "mouth."