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Won Kim


by 3ds Max, Photoshop


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 18/12/08 - 11:13 AM Permalink

I'm going to be a bit picky here. I like image 1, but the border of the upper lip seems a bit 'stuck on' and her mouth just seems way too wide - I think the edges and corners of the mouth are too defined for realism. The upward curve at the corner of the lip doesn't seem to be supported by the muscle around the cheek &/or mouth, which wrecks all the beautiful work you did. The bottom lip looks great, though. Proportionally, her ear seems way too big, unless its meant to be that way eg she's an elf? Trout lips on image 2 seem a bit off putting aesthetically speaking (the bow on the upper lip is so pronounced it looks like those old fashioned fake moustaches and we have those fiercely upward turning corners again) and image 3 seems to be cross eyed? If you were working partly from magazine photos, bear in mind that there are people whose job is to deliberately 'enhance' images, hide lines & musculature, enhance pouts etc and you might just be replicating their work. I guess I should remember that people do surgically enhance themselves these days, so their actual features can sometimes look ridiculous. I like your manga (if that is the right term) girls better, though I think the arms on image 5 could be just a tad longer.