Short, Promotional Animation/Video


Redtribe is looking for an animator/video editor or company that can help us produce an "official trailer" for our new game Hairy Balls. The animation/video will likely be around 1 minute in length.

App Store:

Currently the game is undergoing extensive testing before its official release date.

The video will be promoted to over 20,000 outlets online through a US based PR company and should drive considerable interest during our official launch window (in around 3-4 weeks).

The work involves some FLASH (or ToonBoom or other 2D animation) style animated graphics (cut-out style animations) synchronised with music and voiceover, some in-game footage, some nice transition style FXs and some animated text work and animated logo work.

As an example of what we're hoping for (varied list):

Great Big War Game -
Cut the Rope -
Brain Lab -
Draw Something -
Where's My Water? -
Bejeweled -
Infinity Blade 2 -
Plants vs. Zombies -
Angry Birds Space -
Puzzle Craft -

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We have the ident (intro logo) video.
We have all the gameplay footage that we need, or will create it.