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5 millions sales for L.A Noire, 2011's best selling original IP


Take Two have released their quarterly financial results which has put some interesting details on Team Bondi's 40's era detective thriller, L.A Noire. The report mentions L.A Noire shifting nearly 5 million global sales since it was released in May, last year, establishing the Australian developed title as the best selling original ip game for 2011, despite Sydney-based Team Bondi no longer around anymore. From the report...

Released L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition, featuring the original title and all subsequently released downloadable content, for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. L.A. Noire has sold-in nearly 5 million units worldwide since its launch.

In comparison, another well established Take Two game, NBA 2K12, raked in nearly 4 million copies. The Red Dead ip was a big seller for the publisher with 13 million sales for series.

Team Bondi, the developers who worked on L.A Noire for seven years, was liquidated and officially closed in late 2011. The remaining employees of the studio were given the option to transfer to KMM Games in Sydney. Former Team Bondi boss, Brendan McNamara, is working on his next big game, Whore of the Orient.