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Overload! OUT NOW


New from Mighty Kingdom comes Overload!, an Arcade style, crate stacking game now available on iOS.

This is the second release this year for Adelaide-based indie games developer Mighty Kingdom who aims to release 10 games in 2013.

Director Philip Mayes says this is in keeping with their revolutionary development process that sees them develop games in 6-8 weeks.

Mayes says “Our goal is to release as often as we can, to build up a customer base and establish ourselves in the market.

“Once we have done that we aim to refocus and release more complicated games with longer development times.

“Everything we do now prepares us for those more intensive games.”

In Overload! You play the role of Dockmaster and must stack shipping containers onto the waiting ships.

Be careful though, as your crane swings from left to right you must tap the screen to drop the crates in the right position on deck.

You start by stacking rows of 3 crates and must drop each row exactly on top of the first, if not you’ll drop some crates off the side of the stack and be restricted to less crates henceforth.

Although seemingly simple Overload! can be deceptively tricky as your crane swings faster and faster the higher you stack. Just when you thought you’d got the hang of it “Slow Down,” flashes across the screen and your crane slows its pace, ready to speed up all over again.

Overload! Will challenge your reflexes, you’ve got to be sharp if you want your stack to reach the moon!

Surprise bonuses can give you extra points or ‘recovery’ platforms to rest extra crates on so you can stack 3 again.

With regular changes in pace and amount of crates you can stack at a time Overload! remains challenging and exciting.

This is sure to be instantly addictive as you will want to play again and again to beat your high score.

The simple and easy to understand gameplay makes Overload! suitable for players of all ages and abilities, yet keeps it challenging enough to engage even those with the keenest reflexes.

Challenge your friends on Game Center to see who can stack the highest!

To view the Overload! demo video please follow this link

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