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Team Bondi to be liquidated and officially closed


Documents filed with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission on August 30 revealed that external administrators were appointed for Team Bondi, and now a month later, a new document has shown up on the ASIC website indicating that the Sydney based games developer is going through the final stages of closing up. Those assigned administrators have been removed, liquidators have been appointed in their place, and the company is being wind down.

It's the final chapter for the Sydney based games developer who's had a notorious time in the limelight since the release of their hit 40's era detective thriller game, L.A Noire, with damning accusations of employee abuse and perpetual work-time crunch. It is believed that Team Bondi were to be absorbed into fellow Sydney games studio, KMM Games, with the remaining Team Bondi staff given the option to migrate over.

Team Bondi boss, Brendan McNamara, will be in London next month to present at the BAG Game conference on the facial technology that was utilized in L.A Noire called MotionScan. The session is called "Bringing Humanity To Games".