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Bubble Gum Interactive release Little Space Heroes cartoon sneak peek

Only a few Australian games have come close to crossing over to becoming a full blown animation series, but the record for cartoons based on locally developed games remains at zero. Until now, that is.

Way back in 2004, we heard the news that Krome Studios' Ty, the Tasmanian Tiger was due to become a cartoon series set for prime time under a deal with the animation studio behind The Simpsons and The King of the Hill.

Pandemic Studio's Destroy All Humans! was also scheduled for prime time TV in CGI animation form, with Fox Broadcasting acquiring the rights to do so in 2005. "King of the Hill" writer/co-executive producer Jim Dauterive was named as steering the entire project.

Then, in 2010, THQ struck a deal with the SYFY network (owned by NBC Universal) to jointly develop new i.p and media from their existing properties. First on the list was bringing Blue Tongue's De Blob character and world into a bunch of online webisodes as well as a television series for the SYFY channel.

Despite these great characters and their excellent back stories being perfect fits as cartoons, none of these deals eventuated into a television series.

Sydney based Bubble Gum Interactive are taking an alternative route and are handling the creation process themselves to bring their award winning "Little Space Heroes" online game into a cartoon animated series. They seem to be more than capable of doing a excellent job of it themselves judging by the teaser they have just released announcing the new cartoon.

Bubble Gum Interactive's Cartoons Executive Producer, Graham Cousens, who happens to be a former Creative Director at the Disney Channel, promises a fun romp for the many fans of Little Space Heroes...

(Graham) Little Space Heroes is a classic tale about fun, friendship, adventure and discovery. Drawing on our collective storytelling experience we’ve crafted the tale around the adventures of Ace and his space hero pals as they explore the galaxy in search of the dastardly Lord Shadowbot, a diabolical cartoon villain if ever there was one! It’s awesome to be able to draw on the incredible strength of the virtual world and create something for an audience that’s already hungry for more.

Bubble Gum Interactive CMO, Paul Gray, adds that story will be a strong focus for the cartoon series...

It was a lot of work to produce but we really enjoyed making it. As you know, we’re all about storytelling and the cartoons will provide another way for our fans around the world to enjoy the adventures of Ace, Kira, Sparky and friends as they explore the galaxy and search for Lord Shadowbot.

Check out the teaser below and make sure you subscribe to the Little Space Heroes youtube channel for all updates!!