Mick Gordon makes music out of developers



Last year at the 2011 Game Developer Conference, Game Audio Australia's Mick Gordon tried something quite unusual. He approached fellow conference attendees to make any sound they wished into a microphone which he recorded. Some grunted, whilst others moaned or screamed. These sounds were collected and used to create a track called "Voices of Devs" which is unlike any heard before. Every sound in the song is created from human voices...

(Mick Gordon) Absolutely everything you hear in this track was made by manipulating these recordings using various sound design techniques. Every drum, lead, chord and effect was, at one point in time, a recording of somebody making noises with their mouth at GDC San Francisco 2011. No other samples, synths, instruments or recordings were used in this track. Whatsoever.

For the more musically inclined, Mick used a combination of Adobe Audition 3.1, FL Studio 10, Melodyne, Reaktor, Kontakt, PaulStretch, and stacks of plugins. A technical explanation on how Mick approached the creation of this track is explained over at his blog at Mick-gordon.com

The song is also available for purchase from Bandcamp (for just $1), iTunes and Android Marketplace, and can be listened to on Spotify.


Scott Lloyd Shelly's picture

Absolutely bloody brilliant!!! Love this - great work, Mick!