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3 Blokes Studios reforms as Kixeye Australia

3 Blokes Studios (established 2006) was acquired by Californian social gaming company, RockYou, in 2011 but closed down the Brisbane-based studio last April as they change their focus towards their media business and third party publishing rather than in-house development. 3 Blokes Studios General Manager, George Fidler, had a positive outlook on the closure as he revealed that most of their staff will be retained under a new company name and continuing their efforts in the Facebook strategy game space.

Well, it looks like it's back to business as usual for the 3 Blokes Studios team. According to an announcement by Venturebeat, the 3 Blokes Studios' staff are operating as Kixeye Australia, a newly created local branch of San Francisco online gaming company, Kixeye. From Venturebeat...

The company has nearly 200 employees in San Francisco and will add 10 more at its studio in Brisbane, Australia.

The new team comes from 3 Blokes, a development studio that worked on games such as Rome: Total War in the past. George Fidler, previously head of the Creative Assembly game studio in Australia, will be the general manager of the studio. The new team is now in production on a game and will add more people over time.

“The talent pool in Australia is exploding, and the 3 Blokes team is evidence of that,” said Harbin. “George and his team are highly driven and passionate game developers who aren’t afraid to push the limits of creativity and innovation. Those are the types of individuals we’re looking for to join our mission at Kixeye.”