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Game Connect Asia Pacific 2012: Inspire announced


When: Monday, 22 October to Tuesday, 23 October 2012
Where: Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre

The 2012 Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) conference has been officially announced today by the Game Developers’ Association of Australia and will be held again in Melbourne in October, late next month. It might have been announced a little later than usual, but that can be forgiven given the GDAA's incredible role in bringing PAX to Australia.

The theme for this year's games developer conference is "Inspire", which is the third in a series of theme industry explorations that kicked off at GCAP 2010. GCAP 2012 Inspire will "expose Australian game developers to industry participants that have changed the games industry with their ideas, their approaches to production and their embrace of creative thinking".

From Antony Reed, CEO of the Game Developers’ Association of Australia...

(Antony) "The last two GCAP events were built around conversations that were happening in the local industry, specifically the current state of the Australian development landscape and its position in the global marketplace. This year we’ve upped the ante quite a bit and we’ve built an event designed to accelerate the incredible growth we’re seeing in local development"

"In GCAP 2012 there is a heavy focus on best practices in design and production. The traditional hour-long lecture format has largely been replaced with intensive master classes hosted by exceptionally experienced game developers from within Australia and around the world."

Responding to feedback, GCAP 2012 Inspire will be setting to replace single 1 hour long talks with a number of tracks including design and production master classes, technical lectures and in-depth dissections of popular technologies, Unity and UDK. GCAP 2012 Inspire will also explore the free-to-play space and other platform opportunities beyond the current app markets.

GCAP 2012 will be held at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre on Monday, 22 October to Tuesday, 23 October 2012. The GCAP 2012 website will go live tomorrow, on September 12 at

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I take it as the GCAP site doesn't list any details and there is this focus on "master classes" that the organizers aren't soliciting for speakers this year... Anyone know?