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SimTecT 2012

When: 18-21 June 2012
Where: Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia

SimTecT is the annual Asia Pacific Simulation Technology and Training Conference and Exhibition held by Simulation Australia since its inception in 1996. It has grown to become Australasia’s premier simulation conference for industry, government and academia. The conference currently attracts over 450 delegates worldwide from a broad range of industries.

Our theme for SimTecT 2012 explores the benefits that simulation can deliver to an organization if the training, design or analysis systems are fully incorporated into an organization’s structure and processes.

The conference consists of keynote presentations, special focused parallel sessions, and think tank session, all covering a broad range of industries.

Our parallel sessions are:
Immersive Learning: Integrating Simulation into Education and Training
Powerful Thinking: Solving Problems with integrated Simulations
Managing Demand: Acquiring and Supporting Integrated Simulations

The exhibition area includes some of the latest developments in simulation software tools.