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Hands on Associate Designer/Producer/Project Manager Role at Redtribe


(Possible Entry Level position for the right candidate)

Redtribe is putting together a team to develop social games for iPad, iPhone, Android & PC. We’re looking to fill a crucial team role. This individual needs to bring considerable expertise, insights and energy to the position. The success of the project will very much depend on the talents and expertise of this individual and their hands on approach to getting the job done.

We’re looking for an all rounder who isn’t afraid of taking on multiple roles. Self directed, driven and intensely passionate about games, game design, production and having additional talents and skills that add value to a small team dynamic.

Wish list includes:

  • Demonstrable game development background (personal projects, commercial projects, non-commercial projects).
  • Concept Design. Illustration capabilities are a definite plus.
  • High Level/Low Level Design skills.
  • Level building.
  • Game Balancing.
  • Market Research, Statistics & Research.
  • Promotion and marketing skills.
  • Strong written language skills, blogging skills.
  • Project management, task management.
  • A solid understanding of the games industry in general.

If you consider yourself innovative, happy to suggest ideas and solutions to problems, love games and have a thorough understanding of game design and the game development process we would love to hear from you.

Send requests to