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Beach Bandits OUT NOW


Beach Bandits, the latest game from Zapfinger is now available on the App Store!

Zapfinger is a joint venture by Adelaide-based indie gaming developer Mighty Kingdom and Sydney-based developer Steve Pasvolsky.

The highly addictive, hidden object game is set on 6 colourful and creative beaches. Each beach has a unique theme where characters, animals, plants and the hidden objects create an entertaining setting for gameplay.

Help Huey the crab stop the Beach Bandits from stealing treasure, valuables, animals and even people from his beaches.

The Beach Bandits are a band of green, bandana-clad crabs that are ruining all the local beaches, leaving nothing behind for others to enjoy.

Huey guides you through each beach to find the hidden items before the Beach Bandits steal them.

Each beach has 10 levels and different items to find but you’d better hurry. If your time runs out the Bandits will steal everything and the beaches will be ruined!

Philip Mayes, Director of Mighty Kingdom and Cofounder of Zapfinger says the game is suitable for all ages but caters to a young audience; “We recently added a voice to our main character Huey, to assist younger players”.

“Beach Bandits is designed to keep your eyes and mind sharp as you search for items amongst ever-changing backgrounds, with a set time limit.”

“A huge amount of artwork and planning went into this game to give each beach a unique and entertaining theme that players would really enjoy.”

Steve Pasvolsky Cofounder of Zapfinger says “This is a great first game for Zapfinger. It really shows off our fun and creative side.”

Beach Bandits is available now in the App Store on iOS.

Game Definitions

PARADISE COVE – a snorkeler’s heaven where dolphins and great white sharks frolic together in crystal clear waters

SURF ZONE – if ‘Shred’ is your middle name, then find surfboards, cool cars and crazy street signs in this surfer’s paradise

ALOHA WONDERLAND – a chilled out, laid-back hippy haven of Hula and Yoga!

PARTY BEACH – for party animals only! If you like to party 24/7, 365, then help the biggest party dude of all time ... Huey!

ZOMBIE ISLE – Zombies go to the beach too ya know! (Check out the black seagulls!) And watch out for the toxic spills

LOVE IS A BEACH – everyone is searching for love ... even the Beach Bandits! But don’t let them break Huey’s heart!

HAPPY BOMBS: Every Beach has a limited number of Happy Bombs ... find them and you win free hints to help find more things

YELLOW STARS: The Quicker you finish, the more stars you earn

HINT BUTTON: You can tap the hint button and Huey will show you where things are!

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By Kim Turner for Mighty Kingdom/Zapfinger