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NSW Government announces Interactive Media Fund, $3 million support for creative digital content

The N.S.W Government has announced today that it is renewing its efforts to support creative digital content, including games development, with a new $3 million fund. It's a refinement of the previous Digital Media Initiative which commenced in May, earlier this year. The Digital Media Initiative saw local indie games developers, DinoRoar, Uppercut Games, VagabondArmy, and Epiphany Games included as part of the 20 that were funded for their projects.

In this new 'Interactive Media Fund', selected 'Enterprise' recipients can expect to receive up to $250,000 each, a sizeable increase from the $100,000 limit that was previously set. From NSW Deputy Premier, Andrew Stoner...

"In May, I announced funding for 20 creative digital content projects under the Digital Media Initiative...

We are refining the Digital Media Initiative to reflect its alignment with industry priorities and have invested $3 million in the new Interactive Media Fund.” reports that all applications for the fund need to include a detailed marketing plan and a budget which highlights where the funding will be allocated.

Applications will be assessed first by an Interactive Media Fund client manager and then an external industry assessor. The final decision is then made by a panel consisting of an external industry assessor, the Interactive Media Fund team and a representative from Screen NSW. Applicants should receive a decision on their submission within four to eight weeks.

There is no due date to apply since applications are taken on a continual basis.

For the guideline, FAQS, and the application form for the NSW Interactive Media Fund, head on over to

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a) You want to know because you think they're possibly not up to the job.
b) You think that previously approved applicants were undeserving.
c) You're surprised you were not invited to take part in assessment.
d) You want to know so you can contact them directly and persuade them into approving your application.
e) You want to gripe about being rejected.