Stuck in The Dark Room



Hey kids, do you like adventure games?

Australian comedian, John Robertson, appears in a humorously written and well performed "choose your own adventure" video series on youtube called The Dark Room, which is an oddly reminiscent throwback to the golden era of text adventure games. Some of you more crustier gamers would have experienced the limitations of early text adventure games where a small range of possibilities were available and you'd receive some rather odd responses to your queries as a result. The Dark Room is bound to give off a somewhat familiar feel.

While it was launched onto youTube over a week ago, The Dark Room is set to get a whole bunch of extra viewers after receiving the attention of the Grumpygamer himself, Ron Gilbert. The legendary designer/creator of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, and new million+ dollar kickstart funding recipient for his studio's own new adventure game, has jokingly tweeted it as "The real future of adventure games".

Additional content was added to the Dark Room youtube adventure game only a few days ago, with new levels and easter eggs offered for those who are up for the challenge. There's also a highly elusive good ending which Robertson has described as "bloody hard" to get.

The Dark Room is guaranteed to give you more than a chuckle or two, so check it out! (With thanks to Matthew Hall from KlickTock)