We're going on a small break for the holidays


I'm going to make this fairly brief, but it's the end of the year, and we're gonna go for a small break until after New Year's. Submitted jobs and press releases will continue to get posted, but the site will be on cruise control until after the break.

In 2012, tsumea will be celebrating our 10th year in existence. It's an incredible milestone. On a cold night during winter in 2002, I made a post on Polycount.com asking if anyone was interested in testing out a locally based games developer site that I had been working on. I built it from scratch in asp and it used a Microsoft Access database to store data and do queries. It contained a news section, a developers listing, forum, and user journals for creatives to upload their work. After everyone in the forum pursuaded me to simply post the url address so they can see it, I gave in and hesitantly showed off the site. The design wasn't finished, and it still had a bit of testing to do, but it was mostly functional. Most importantly, it filled a void that desperately needed filling in 2002 for the local games industry, and I hope it still does.

I was hugely enthusiastic about the local games industry back then, and I still am a decade later. I have some rather big plans and goals set for 2012 and I'm hoping to get them realised as soon as possible. I've been working on one particular tsumea related project for the last two weeks and I simply can't wait to show you guys when it's done. In fact, I'll be working on this project around the hour during our break time, so there's no R&R for me. The second tsumea related project I have planned is even more bigger, so needless to say, I've pushed my own personal one-man band game project (iPhone, C#, Unity + Sprite Manager 2 if you were curious) aside until these two things are complete. It's gonna be great, and I'm sure you guys will love it.

Anyway, it's an incredibly exciting time to be in games development and I'm diligently working on tsumea so that it continues contributing a useful role for the local games inudstry.. peace out and see you in 2012!


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Thanks for all your hard work... can't wait to see what the new year brings for Tsumea.

I've been following you since 2002, and hope to follow you for a few years more!


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Hey, thanks.. great to see some feedback from old timers, and I do remember your posts from over the years!

I was hoping to get the first project completed during the break, but looking back now, it seems fairly optimistic trying to get it all accomplished whilst all the holiday commitments and activities were happening. I've also had to throw away 2 weeks of work and start from scratch again since the framework that I was using wasn't up to the job for this project. Anyway, all will be revealed soon!

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Yeah that always seems like the way it ends up being. Especially if it isn't a commercial project and more along the lines of personal projects. You tend to be optimistic about them, then all those events occurs like family stuff or actual work commitments coming up -- you need to pay your bills somehow. Or even illness.

Then on top of that is not taking into consideration that things are actually going to take 3 times longer than you thought to implement, and, that "solution" you were going to use isn't all it was made to be...

I guess it's better realizing that you went and did things the hard way and created your own from scratching only to realize that you could have saved yourself time by using an existing one far more capable at the job.

That would suck more! ;)