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Wicked Witch releases official AFL iOS game!


Wicked Witch have the official AFL iOS game released in the Appstore.

This AFL version is an adaption of the Wii version, and features : Quick Match, Custom Match, Career Manager and Competition Mode, life like animation, realistic ball physics, true to life 3D stadium, quality graphics & sound, fully animated 3D motion captured players, dynamic camera angles, Over 50 licensed teams from the AFL, VFL, TAC Cup, and under 18’s competitions, authentic club songs, customise players & teams, Achievements, Intuitive virtual controls, Very easy through to Legend difficulty and much more!

Indeed the game is aud$9.49 however we will not be charging for a 2012 version as this will be a major free update (and basically a sequel). Further to that, we want people to have their say, let us know your thoughts and feedback, and we will try our very best to add the features that people want most as time goes on, to make the best game we can for all of us.

I hope you can understand our position, and consider supporting us.

For more information, questions, tips, screenshots or such, please visit or email us!

Thank you again for your support!

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