L.A Noire made twice more sales than Max Payne 3


When Team Bondi's L.A Noire was released in May 2011, its sales numbers was closely followed and inevitably compared with Rockstar's previous title, Red Dead Redemption. According to NPD data, LA. Noire sold around 900,000 copies in the U.S, or roughly 40% of RDR's sales figures, for its first months of sales.

It was an unfair comparison, and when it was put up against such a highly successful and entirely different kind of title, L.A Noire was made to look like it was failing to live up to expectations, despite it eventually making a respectable total of 5 million sales since.

With the fairly recent release of Rockstar's long awaited Max Payne 3, the same sales comparisons are being made with similar conclusions. A tweet (pictured above) was made by a Wedbush analyst, Michael Pachter, who puts Max Payne 3 launch sales at less than 50% of L.A Noire's figures for the same period.


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You might want to check your math. If Max Payne 3 sold less than 50% of what L.A. Noire did, that means that L.A. Noire sold twice as much, not 50% more as your head line says...

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ooooh man.. thanks :)