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Dead On Arrival 2 Beta Registration is now open


Dead On Arrival by N3V games was released for iOS and Android in 2011, and the Brisbane-based developer is currently putting the finishing touches on the sequel for their twin stick zombie shooter/horror action mobile game.

Dead On Arrival 2 looks amazing and you can already see from the trailer below that it's taken a huge leap further in the visuals department. If the trailer has piqued your interests then you have a chance to try out DOA before actual release. N3V games have just opened beta registrations to the public so if you're interested in providing quality feedback, testing, and helping N3V games in their last stretch of DOA2 development, then register for the Beta now! Make sure you do meet the requirements below before applying...

Must have:

  • Android Device
  • Minimum spec equal or better than Tegra 2
  • Recommended Tegra 3 or higher

Android Version

  • Minimum 3.0
  • Recommended 4.0 or higher

Additional is recommended

  • Have a stomach for wave after wave of bloodshed and mayhem!
  • Aren't scared of the dark
  • Don't need aspirin for headaches
  • Have no problem shooting your zombie friend in the head if you had too

Check out the trailer for Dead on Arrival 2 below. The first Beta for DOA2 will start in May (just next Month), so hurry!