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Millipede releases Bullistic Unleashed with special launch price


Early last year, Melbourne based 'web for hire' game dev company, Millipede Creative Development, released an Angry birds-like game called Bullistic. They were inspired by Rovio's hit physics puzzler game as well as their own clients who frequently asked if they could develop an Angry Birds clone themselves. They came up with Bullistic and gave it away for free on the App Store, however, its popularity became a huge surprise for Millipede after it was downloaded hundreds of thousands of times before being featured in the "New & Noteworthy" area of the App Store.

Over a year later, Millipede are back with Bullistic Unleashed which is set to push the physics mayhem of their original hit to new heights. The levels are set in some huge local malls this time round so there's a whole lot of insane destruction fun to be had. I'm a sucker for beautiful art and design, and Millipede have continued their fine work with some really nice and colourful work in this.

The highlights featured for Bullistic Unleashed are listed as:

  • Intuitive gameplay
  • Monster-sized levels with multiple floors, elevators, pinball bumpers and barrels to shoot out of
  • Six special bulls to unlock, each with extraordinary aBULLities
  • Deadly hazards! Meat grinders! Dangerously irresistible lady cows! Exclamation marks!
  • Send F-cards to friends, relatives or strangers
  • In App Purchases: spend your way to success!

Of course, if that's not enticing enough, Bullistic Unleashed launched today at a special launch price of 99c, so grab it now for your iPhone or iPod touch before it settles back to a normal price of $1.99.