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The Greenlight Summit 2012


When: May 21 - 27, 2012

Q: How do I attend?
A: The Greenlight Summit is available anywhere there is internet and you have a pc, mac or laptop.

Q: Is there an early registration discount?
A: Yes. Register now and receive $300 off! Early registration is just $299. After March 15 it goes up to $399, after April 15 it goes up to $499 and after May 15 it goes up to $599! Take advantage of this while you can.

For more frequently asked questions, please head to the Greenlight Summit FAQ at!

Just to tie this in locally, Mario Wynands (co-founder and managing director at New Zealand's Sidhe) will be just one of the hundred+ leading industry speakers participating in the week-long Green Light Summit in Austin, Texas next month. There will be keynotes, presentations, master classes, pitch sessions, realtime networking, live Q&A, and more, covering games, film, transmedia, interactive, art, design, technology, legal, financing, investment, and marketing.

The list and caliber of speakers taking part is absolutely astounding and Sidhe's Mario is joined by the likes of:

- Jason Manley (CEO of Conceptart.Org, Founder of Massive Black)
- Alexander Seropian (Founder, Bungie And Wideload Games)
- Jeff Braun (Founder, Maxis)
- David Helgason (CEO, Unity3D)
- Chris Avellone (Lead Designer/Owner, Obsidian Entertainment)
- Steve Bokkes (Lead Designer, Sony Online)
- Jason Della Roca (Games Consultant, Former Head of IGDA)
- Magdalena Dadela (Senior Character Artist, Ubisoft)
- George Pratt (Award Winning Graphic Novelist/Filmmaker/Artist)

You can find a larger list of speakers and more information about the Greenlight Summit at their website or updates at the Greenlight Summit Facebook page here.

The Greenlight Summit creates a direct worldwide connection to important leaders from the evolving entertainment industry, including games, film, and associated trans-media fields. This global conference provides brilliant daily keynotes, over 100 speaker presentations, concentrated departmental talks, as well as secure greenlight pitch and mentor sessions. The program includes gripping discussion, informative Q&A periods, shared post-mortems and career days too.

Track topics include I.P. Development, Production, Art, Design, Technology, Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Media and Business, This important event is brought to life within an easy, proven, secure, online tool suite that is conveniently available 24/7. This allows even the busiest professionals to match their schedules, catch the talks live or On Demand, set their meetings and connect in a meaningful way.

Companies and participants conveniently take full advantage, without the airports, and the heavy budget impact of flights, hotels, taxis, or other expenses. An internet connection, computer, headset/mic and registration gets it all delivered, right into your office, living room, studio, classroom or coffee shop, no matter where on earth you are.

Want to connect for business, opportunity, or learning like you would at any other trade event? Want to show your wares, find vendors, or pitch your ideas to those who can help? Choose registration options to schedule and secure private breakout rooms for easy online meetings or contact any of the hundreds of participants on the fly.

Within this setting, attendees may virtually share applications, video, screens, webcam, voice, text, white boards, and redline tools to quickly get the point across, understand the ideas of others, and get better.

Those who remain inspired, up to date, and focused will find greatest immediate and long term success. The latest answers, insights, inspirations and opportunities exist here.