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KlickTock's Little Things Forever spotted at Apple's 2013 WWDC


Is there any greater honour (and extra exposure) than having your app make an appearance during an Apple conference and promotional video? For such a highly anticipated event like Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference held just two weeks ago, it's the kind of exposure that money simply cannot buy.

Little Things Forever, by Melbourne indie games developer, KlickTock, appears briefly during the WWDC 2013 conference where Apple made their big reveal on the new iOS 7 operating system for their mobile devices. The same footage that was displayed at the event is also being used by Apple as part of their promotional campaign to explain their thinking behind iOS 7. Klick Tock's fantastic seek and find game appears amongst other high profiled games like Minecraft, Infinity Blade II, and Tiny Wings to demonstrate iOS 7's display of parallax layers and depth as the phone is being titled.

Jump to the 1 hour and 18 minute mark in the embedded video below to check it out for yourselves!

Little Things Forever is a universal app for iOS, so do yourselves a favour and grab it here.
It's also available for Android and you can grab it via Google Play here!