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Industry veteran offers one stop service for Games Design and Music

Submitted by Murray (not verified) on Tue, 07/02/12 - 10:27 AM Permalink

I worked with Adrian for several years at Firemint, and he's a pleasure to work with, and excellent in many departments, as well as being fun and motivating.

If you want someone to create (or improve) your game design, work on the game hands-on, or create music and sound effects, I would not hesitate to recommend him whole heartedly!

Game Designer

Game developers now have access to the freelance design and music services of one of the industry's most experienced game designers and musicians, Adrian Moore.

With over twenty years experience working in the games industry Adrian has worked on some classic and extremely well known games. He also boasts impressive experience in the commercial recording industry working with artists such as Sade, Seal and Pearl Jam.

He began his games industry experience in 1988 in the small Guildford offices of Bullfrog Productions, testing and contributing to the design of the now-famous god game, Populous, by industry legends Peter Molyneux and Glenn Corpes.

He then worked in the recording industry for three years honing his audio engineering skills at top UK recording studio Ridge Farm.
Returning to work in the games industry he undertook game design and audio design work at developers SCi, Criterion, Fiendish Games and Small Rockets. He then returned to Bullfrog Productions where he worked on a number of hit titles as game/level designer and also as sound designer/musician under the wing of audio legend Russell Shaw. Adrian composed some of the music for Bullfrog classic, Theme Hospital. He subsequently joined Lionhead Studios where he was lead designer of The Movies.

Emigrating to Australia in 2006 he joined forces with another top game developer, Firemint, where he worked as lead designer until 2011. He helped to create games such as Sims DJ, Rolling With Katamari, Mega Monsters and the recent iOS #1 hit, SPY mouse.

Adrian now offers game design, design consultancy and music composition services on a freelance basis. He feels that being able to offer multiple services will be hugely appealing to game developers who either don’t have access to such expertise in house or who want an external perspective on games under development.

Adrian says "I'm now available to offer my services across the board when it comes to game design and music. I am here to offer developers an experienced and unbiased critique of game proposals, game design documents and games themselves that are in development. I know from experience how useful it can be to gain a fresh perspective when you become very close to your creations. I am also always excited to create new game concepts and build levels for games. In addition, I also love to write game music. I have always felt game design and game audio are married together to create a fun experience for players which is maybe why I have enjoyed working in both disciplines so much. I am now very much looking forward to talking to game developers the world over with a view to more successful collaborations in both of these fields."

For further information on the services offered as a game designer and design consultant, please contact Adrian at For examples of recent music work and to contact Adrian regarding new music composition, please visit