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The making of Jetpack Jinx at Vivid Sydney


When: 30 May, 9pm - 10pm
Where: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, (MCA Forum (Harbourside))

As part of the 'Making of' series in this year's Vivid Sydney festival, Bubble Gum Interactive will be having a special a one hour panel on the making of their free iOS/Android mobile game, JetPack Jinx.

The Sydney startup who are also responsible for the virtual world MMOG, Space Heroes, will have their producer, developer, artists and community manager at hand to talk about the entire process of developing Jetpack Jinx, from concept to release.

They'll also be answering any questions attendees have, so it'll be a great opportunity to find out a whole lot more on any specific part of Jetpack Jinx that attendees may have.

General Admission is $15.00 and Concession is $10.00. Bookings can be made right now at the Vivid Sydney website!