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Evil Alien's Orbiter makes appearance in Unite 2012 keynote


We've had some considerable downtime for the last two weeks, and while I've been desperately trying to get tsumea back online this week, I unfortunately missed the chance of posting about this much earlier.

For those who aren't into Unity (and there can't be many of you), the Unite 2012 developers conference was held in Amsterdam last week. The keynote presentation was an important part of the conference for those wanting to know about the achievements and the future direction of this incredibly popular game development engine, and it makes sense that the Unity developers would show off the most outstanding titles created on their platform to showcase their technology.

One title that made an appearance in the keynote is Orbiter, an incredibly polished looking debut title currently in development using the Unity engine by Canberra based indie developer, Evil Aliens. Evil Aliens is just one of the many startups formed from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment's groundbreaking incubator program which sets to put games development students on the right path to running their own studio start-ups.

It's an incredible achievement and big congratulations are in order for the guys at Evil Aliens. The guys are understandably proud of their achievement. From their blog...

Such a small thing, but it means a lot to us. One more awesome brick, in the wall of reasons to continue :) I don't even know if that makes sense, but I do know, it was a good day for the Evil Aliens team. Swish.

For those who don't mind fast forwarding the video past Unity CEO, David Helgason, and his traditional super-popped collar, Orbiter makes an appearance at 3:26 into the keynote...