Concept Artist

A Call for Concept Artists for Sumea Mod

There is a Sumea mod in the works, and we're in the beginning process of the collaboration. We have a general idea on the direction of the mod, and we'd like to open up the character designs to you concept artists out there. The three different player classes are:

1. Engineer/demolitions/ammo supply : Fast and moderately armoured.
2. Covert/hacker/medic : Fast and lightly armoured, and their rifle/machinegun includes a sniper scope
3. Heavy weapons/Infantry : Slow and heavily armoured

Concept Artist for Intrigue

Recently we have secured a small development loan from the Australian Film Commission, though we still have to do the paper work. The loan is specifically for the development of interactive digital content, or more specifically, the development of a game (project) proposal so as to secure further development funding.

Though only a small amount, this should lead to larger amounts, and we feel that the slow progress that has been made so far will rapidly speed up.

Concept Artist for Epiphany Games

Epiphany Games is looking for a concept artist based in Sydney for our project. The position is as a contractor to start and a possibility of a permanent position. We will accept applicants who have little experience should their work be exceptional and they have some experience with computer games (even if they only played some).

Applicants must have some experience in meeting deadlines, creating original art, creating story boards, working from a brief.

Concept Artist wanted for White Noise games

This is currently a contract position that will lead to ongoing employment for the right candidate. This is a demanding job that will require all types of art creation, from rough diagrams and sketches through to fully polished, professional images


- Proven artistic skills, (Formal training not required).
- Ability to draw a concept in a number of varying styles.
- Ability to generate art based on verbal or written descriptions.
- Ability to develop a concept through critique.
- Know what a deadline is and how to meet it.

Blue Tongue jobs

I'm posting this again to let you know that Blue Tongue have fixed the email situation, and also have a contact number just in case.. so those of you who have been trying to email them, please try again, or call them by phone.. the job positions open at Blue Tongue are..