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Morgan discusses building console games in 2015, and the ways in which new development tools and self publishing platforms enable a host of new opportunities, along with new challenges.

Morgan Jaffit is a 15 year veteran of the global games industry creating games for PC, consoles, mobile, and alternate gaming platforms, including augmented reality and transmedia projects.

He is the creative director and co-founder of independent game studio Defiant Development, Brisbane Australia, employing a team of 15, creating and publishing mobile and console games.

He’s helped mobile titles like Ski Safari reach an audience of over 80 million across the world. Defiant’s current title, Hand of Fate launched for PC and Console in Feb this year.

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Australian Indie Showcase panel recorded on 19 July 2013.

Alexander Bruce (Antichamber) -
Lance McDonald (Black Annex) -
Tom Greenaway (Duet) -
Grant Davies (Fractured Soul) -
Joe Wintergreen (InFlux) -
Andrew Goulding (MacGuffin's Curse) -

Recorded by Luke "Lukaz" Withoos - @sir_afrodite
- Excuse the bad camera work. :)

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At the recent Disability Meets Digital event in the UK, Brad Giblin of Film Victoria presented a talk giving insight into the process behind the guidelines. He also covered what accessibility means in the games industry compared to other industries, and success stories from over the past year – including how the guidelines have influenced national government funding, providing a template for games funding in other countries and indeed any kind of digital media funding.…

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Play for a Cause is a gamified ideation session that helps a non-profit solve a challenge using game mechanics and is run at all GSummit meetups around the world. A nonprofit organization presents a challenge they're facing and the meetup group will work together using a gamified process to solve the challenge. Attendees love the engaging, interactive, educational and rewarding experience, while working towards a positive social outcome. Gabe will also be reporting on the outcomes of a Play for a Cause session that he will run in Melboune earlier in the week.

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What can we learn from the very specific circumstance of an exhibition about the future of games? Joue le jeu / Play along at Paris's digital culture center La Gaite lyrique was designed to reach citizens beyond "gamer" culture and position play as the broad, diversified, exceedingly dynamic and evolving cultural field it is now becoming. Co-curator Heather Kelley shares her experience and insights from this summer's breakthrough show, and examines lessons learned in the space of "art games" that could affect the future of games for social good.

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