Game Connect 07 - Secret Alchemy For Creating Outstanding Next Gen Visuals

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More! Secret Alchemy For Creating Outstanding Next Gen Visuals
This presentation will explore the creative process and technologies behind visually stunning games. The demands of the consumer are ever growing, more complex, more realistic, more lifelike. More work. Two of Pandemic Studios' graphics team discuss the ways to get the most out of the current platforms and create the wow factor the public craves. The talk concludes with an amazing onslaught of highly secret industry-leading tips and tricks.
Audience: Artists

Adam Myhill, Sr. Technical Artist, Pandemic Studios
Adam works for Pandemic Studios Brisbane as a Sr. Technical artist, with a focus as Interactive Director of Photography. He has a deep passion for lighting, shaders and real-time camera systems. He previously worked at EA Canada for 10 years as an Art Director and CG Supervisor shipping over 21 games like NBA STREET, SSX, James Bond 007, NBA Live and Need for Speed. Before gaming Adam worked as a commercial fashion, product and portrait photographer. In his spare time when he has the energy, he builds robots which make art.

Kirk Gibbons, Art Director, Pandemic Studios
With a 10 year history in creating innovative interactive experiences, Kirk has directed industry-leading teams in both games and on the web. Currently, Kirk is an Art Director at Pandemic Studios in Brisbane focusing on creating an innovative Next Gen Title. Prior to Pandemic, Kirk was the creative director on NBA Street Next Gen and the Art Director of the multi-platinum NBA Street Series: V3 and Vol.2, at EA Canada. He is passionate about creating innovative interactive visuals and inspiring the teams and talent that create them. He has a B.F.A. from The Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and a Degree in Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Game Connect 07 - Widening your Audience

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Game Connect: 2007
Widening your Audience. Casual Games, Hardcore Appeal

The lead designer of Puzzle Quest discusses some of the methods he used to make a casual game appeal to hardcore players.

Steve Fawkner, CEO and Lead Designer at Infinite Interactive, is an industry veteran with over 23 years of game development experience. His most well known works include the Warlords and Warlords Battlecry strategy series that have spawned 10 sequels.

Overall he has worked on more than 20 titles, many of which have gone on to win numerous game-of-the-year and editors choice awards. His team's latest creation is Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, one of the top-selling games in the USA for 2007.

Game Connect 07 - Development Challenges of Hellgate: London

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Dave Glenn, Art Director of Creative Environments, Flagship Studios
Dave Glenn's work on the Diablo franchise was instrumental in establishing the visual design and dark feel of that world. Dave was the chief Background Artist on both Diablo II and its expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. His Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech serves a solid foundation upon which he creates fantastic, yet believable structures and settings that stage and unify the world in which the game is set. Before making his mark with the Diablo series, Dave created numerous 3D architectural assets for SimCity 3000 while working as a contractor for Maxis.

Development Challenges of Next-Gen title Hellgate: London
Dave Glenn, Flagship Studios
Flagship Studios showcase their unique implementation of 3ds Max in the development of next-gen title Hellgate: London. Standardizing on a 3ds Max-based pipeline, a tool they knew well from their work on the Diablo franchise while at Blizzard, helped the Flagship Studio team accelerate their development cycle on Hellgate: London. An overview of how Flagship approached the challenge of building a randomized 3D world using both customized and built-in 3ds Max features will be presented.

Game Connect 07 - Opening Presentation

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Tom Crago, CEO of Tantalus and President of the Game Developers Association of Australia (GDAA) opens the Game Connect: Asia Pacific 2007 conference in Melbourne in this keynote.

He is joined by Randall Straw (Executive Director, Multimedia Victoria), and Greg Bondar (GDAA CEO) in providing an overview of the current state of the Australian games industry, the Game Connect conference, and the support from Multimedia Victoria.

Free Play 2007 - Why I Really Still Love You

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4:30pm Why I Really Still Love You

Newbie game developers are everywhere, but their love of game development is often short lived; like puppy love it goes away real quick when the going gets rough. So how do great developers maintain the love through the tough times and, perhaps more importantly, why do they stick it out? Veteran insiders express the real reasons why they still love games development.

David Hewitt (Creative Director at Tantalus)
Eve Penford-Dennis (Senior Art Tutor at AIE, previously from Psygnosis, System 3, Infogrames and Atari)
Andrei Nadin (Producer at Tantalus)

Free Play 2007 - Playing with Pixels and Politics

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3pm Playing with Pixels and Politics

What is the place of social commentary in gaming, and can games achieve social and artistic legitimacy? Indie games development brings new opportunities for audience interaction and debate, and in some cases offers a deeper level of interactivity. It may even inspire a culture of resistance. What are the possibilities for 'serious' games as a learning tool and language for cultural expression? What is the potential for games to say something other than "BOOM!"

Justin Halliday (Escape from Woomera)
Damian Scott (Primal Clarity / Swinburne University, Team Fortress)
Rebecca Cannon (Select Parks)

Free Play 2007 - Independent's Day

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12:30pm Independent's Day

How can independents come up with earth-shattering ideas that change the face of gaming? What are the parameters of independent game making and who are the innovators outside of the big-publisher system? This session investigates innovation in independent gaming to date, and discusses where it might come from in the future.

Jonathan Blow (Braid)
Robert J Spencer (Interzone)
Paul Callaghan (AIE)

Free Play 2007 - The Indie MBA

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11am The Indie MBA

This session gives a comprehensive and practical overview of the business of running an indie shop. Topics include negotiating contracts with artists and programmers, outsourcing, funding opportunities, and legal considerations. Indie MBA will also feature a real life case study.

Amelia King (Film Victoria)
Nick Blackmore (Senior Associate in Intellectual Property at Corrs Chambers Westgarth)

Session also includes a case study of Gridwerx by Mahomed from Aberrant Entertainment, and Paul M. (localisation producer) on game development.

Free Play 2007 - Keynote Lecture Jonathan Blow

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9:30am Keynote Lecture Jonathan Blow

What does it mean to be an independent game artist? What are the practicalities of shaping an idea into a good prototype? Jonathan Blow discusses his landmark game Braid.

Jeff Khan, Artistic Director of Free Play 2007, gives a short intro with the philosophy behind Free Play, gives thanks to those who helped organise the event, and introduces Free Play keynote speaker, Jonathan Blow.

A great talk by Jonathon Blow who provides his thoughts on independent game development and his motivation as an independent game developer. He demonstrates a few of his prototypes and provides some interesting insights on the ideas behind them.