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Last week was the opening of the "Hits of the 80s - Aussie Games That Rocked the World" exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) down in Melbourne. The exhibition, described as a way to "Discover the games of the pioneering Beam Software (Melbourne House) in this secret history of Australia's place in the rise and rise of the videogame" included displays of highly influential games and publications by Beam / Melbourne House as well as old consoles, and was opened by none other than Alfred Milgrom, founder of Beam Software (Melbourne House).

Alfred is a true icon and pioneer of the Australian games industry, and some would say, the games industry in general. Sumea was invited to come along to the exhibition, and we thought it was a great opportunity to capture it for prosperity. We were even lucky enough to have an interview with Alfred as well!

Thanks to ACMI for organizing the exhibition as well as inviting us, and to our news editor, Chris Taylor, for capturing the footage and conducting the interview with Alfred. The first part of the footage we'll make available now is of Alfred's opening presentation of the exhibition where he describes some of the early days at Beam / Melbourne House. I won't bore you with a summary of what he says, but I think it's highly worth the download to hear a bit of Australian game development history!!!

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Tom Crago, CEO of Tantalus and Vice President of the Game Developers Association of Australia introduces Evelyn Richardson for her final appearance as President and CEO of the GDAA. Evelyn talks about her four years as the head of the GDAA and provides her thoughts on the local games industry.

Evelyn presents the Independant Games awards ceremony, with representatives from Iron Monkey Studios and Qantm college accepting their trophies.

Best Unsigned Game (Professional) 2006 nominees:
"Darkenlight " by Iron Monkey Studios (winner)
"Slidatron" Endgame Studios

Best Unsigned Game (Indie) 2006 nominees:
"Final Justice" by Qantm College (winner)
"Jungle Escape" by AIE Canberra
"Chiko Accidental Alien" by Indigo Digital
"Frequency" by South Bank Institute

Finally, Evelyn closes the presentation with comments on the Game Connect conference and gives thanks to everyone who came along and also to those who helped make it happen.

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Jungle Escape was an entrant in the Best Unsigned Game (Independent) category in the GD:AP awards. The platformer game was developed by the AIE students in Canberra calling themselves Alien Technologies.

Peter Davis also gets a demonstration of Auran's PvP based MMO called "Fury". An Auran personnel runs through the various features of the game.

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CEO and President of the Game Developers Association of Australia, Evelyn Richardson, opens the conference with some brief comments on the industry, including the closure of various studios since last year.

Mr. Gary Fenlon, Secretary to the Minister for State Development, Employment and Industrial Relations. in Queensland, talks about the support the Queensland government has provided for the games industry.

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Mark Morrison, producer at Infogrames Melbourne House, joins Phil and Mike to chat about Infogrames' new game for Playstation 2, Grand Prix Challenge. Also joining Mark Morrison is Adam Boyle (lead programmer). They give a brief history on Infogrames Melbourne House, then talk about many aspects concerning the game from the 3D engine, licensing issues, and developement. They also play the intro theme to Grand Prix Challenge at the end.

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