Freeplay '09: International Keynote - Petri Purho

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Conference opening by Game Developers' Association of Australia President, Tom Crago, followed by international keynote speaker, Tim Stellmach.

Tim Stellmach - Vicarious Visions

Tim Stellmach is Design Director at Vicarious Visions, the New York-based developers of the new action-RPG Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. He is an 18-year veteran of the games industry, and a principal designer of such acclaimed titles as System Shock and Thief. Tim has also worked on games as diverse as Ultima Underworld, Deus Ex and Guitar Hero.

Freeplay '09: The art of getting things done

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Rory Hart - Head of Development on the virtual worlds project ExitReality

The collaborative nature of games development is one of it’s most rewarding facets, and also one of the most difficult to get right – from estimating tasks, to scheduling milestones, to handling communication, many starting developers struggle with this shift away from their core discipline.

This workshop looks at the fundamentals of managing projects and teams.

Freeplay '09: Playing in someone else's sandpit

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Cameron Lee - Development Director at Electronic Arts
Blake Mizzi - Lead Designer at Torus Games
Tarwin Stroh-Spijer - Director at Touch My Pixel
Craig Duturbure - Freelance Games Designer

Australia has a reputation for delivering licensed titles – including Spongebob Squarepants, Transformers, The Fast and the Furious, and others. This panel looks at the challenges involved in working within the constraints of somebody else’s idea – and how you maintain your own creative voice while doing so.

Freeplay '09: The new iKid on the block

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Kynan Woodman - Development Director at Firemint
Neil Rennison - co-founder of Tin Man Games
Paul Motion - Senior Producer with IronMonkey Studios

Launched in 2007, Apple's iPhone has, in its brief lifetime, created a new market for independent developers looking to create highly-innovative, smaller-scale projects. This panel explores the issues, challenges, and successes that the iPhone brings to traditional developers.

Freeplay '09 - Opening Presentation

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Ian Patterson, Chief Technology Officer at State Library of Victoria
Paul Callaghan, Co-director of Freeplay

Freeplay is an independent games festival that focuses on the creative and artistic side of making games.

It exists to provide opportunities for Victorian and interstate independent developers, educators, and industry practitioners to interact with each other and their audience in an environment designed to stimulate debate, share new ideas, explore theories, and take part in discussions on the creative direction of the medium.

Future of Digital Distribution Panel - Digital Distribution Summit 09

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Moderator :
Jamil Moledina – Outreach Director, EA Partners
Panelists :
Kursten Leins – Head of Multimedia Strategy, Ericsson
Rob Murray – CEO, Firemint
Rob Walsh – CEO, Krome Studios

The Future of Digital Distribution Panel will be a highlight for every digital media professional. With expert insight from Kursten Leins, Multimedia Solutions Expert with Ericsson, Rob Murray, Creator of the world’s longest running paid iPhone application and renowned mobile gaming expert, Rob Walsh, CEO of Australia’s largest game development company, Krome Studios. The panel will be moderated by one of the most influential people in the video games industry, Jamil Moledina, former Executive Director of the Game Developers Conference and current Outreach Director for EA Partners.

The future of Digital Distribution Panel is a discussion not to be missed, with a world class look at the opportunities for digital media and games development, behind the scenes look at Australia’s $43bn Fiber to the Home roll out and an insider’s look at what digital distribution will look like heading into the future.

Simon Carless - Digital Distribution Summit 09

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Simon has a wealth of knowledge to share with local independent and start up development companies. As Chairman of the Independent games festival and publisher of Game Developer magazine and Simon will give a hands on presentation of realistic revenue projections for downloadable games with case studies on IGF award winning titles. Beyond finance Simon will also take a look at the marketing and development prospects for local studios.

Rob Murray - Digital Distributon Summit 09

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Rob Murray shot into fame early this year developing the world’s most popular iPhone application, Flight Control. Rob’s presentation will look into the importance of marketing for self distributed games including the ever popular social media marketing. Rob will offer an inside look into the success of Flight Control and the company’ss recent award winning game Real Racing