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From a press release:

Leading Australian games developer, Torus Games, has pushed the bounds of electronic gaming with its ability to simulate the physics, appearance and sensation of white water rivers.
Torus Games Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Bill McIntosh, says that the new technology, known as X-Stream will make a significant difference to the gaming experience.

"To date, games developers have struggled to create a true depiction of water," Mr McIntosh said. "With X-Stream, gamers can now immerse themselves in an authentic white water adventure."

Not only does X-Stream recreate the physical flows, ebbs and eddies of a thundering river, it also boasts underwater refraction, surface reflection, realistic waterfalls, mist and more.

For authenticity, designers employed real water physics when designing X-Stream."

While a publisher is still unconfirmed, Torus Games expects the game will be ready for release in 2004. The preview videos have provoked a good response, such as this from Avault...

"We have seen footage of this game - and wow? The water effects are unlike anything we have ever seen except for actual white water rapids. But enough dribble.."

You can view higher-res of the images and video at


Sydney developers Strategic Studies Group have a new release. Taken from their website which explains it more accurately than I ever could:

"Strategic Studies Group has announced Decisive Battles of World War II: Korsun Pocket the long awaited sequel to The Ardennes Offensive in the Decisive Battles system. The game will be released in the second half of 2002 through Matrix Games. Korsun Pocket uses a greatly improved version of the Ardennes Offensive engine to recreate the desperate German attempt to escape encirclement on the Russian Front early in 1944."

Check it out here !...


Beta 2.1 of Day of Defeat has been released.. it contains the following changes :

added dod_koln
added dod_cherbourg
many map tweaks and fixes
reduction in texture usage in maps
reduced kar accuracy
grenadier down to 3 grenades
increased garand damage
reduced garand recoil
reduced grenade damage
increased grenade throwing time
decreased MG accuracy
increased sniper rifle damage
fixed sniper sway
fixed MG overheating speed
improved HLTV support - shows flags, objects, grenades, death messages and scoreboard!
optimized netcode
fixed lag on map start bug (VModEnable bug)
fixed cheats / exploits
'sharp' crosshair, includes alternate coloured crosshair
removed ability to 'water snipe'

More info at


I needed a reason to post the first quake related news item, and I've found one. Here is a link to pictures of a 56 player pile up on a Quake 3 map.. those Spanish people have way too much time on their hands.. SEE THE MADNESS...

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  • 1. rezn0r - Saturday, May 21, 2005 - 6:46:40 PMLooks great. Love the idea. Too bad its linux only. :(


  • 2. redwyre - Saturday, May 21, 2005 - 7:29:01 PMpfft linux
  • 3. mcdrewski - Monday, May 23, 2005 - 5:38:08 PMpfft indeed.
    I'm trying to compile for win32 as we speak, but as usual with one-person OpenSource projects, there are more dependencies that you'd ever hope to see, and only half the story is documented...

    1) requires clanLib 0.6 (not 0.7 - coder hasn't told anyone about this)
    2) requires libxml (coder hasn't told anyone about this)
    3) requires SDL (yay! this one works!)

    And finally, the source package still has all the READMEs etc from pingus (,

    I wonder now if someone is simply trying to get slashdotted. :)

I've received news about a new Australian game called "Gallipoli: The Game"...

Gallipoli: The Game is a stunning recreation of Australia's greatest military adventure. As a commander in the Great War (WWI), you take on the role of leading the prime of Australia's armed forces as they launch an all-out assault on the Central Powers (the Germans, Austrians and the Ottomans). Gameplay is similar to the hit PC game, Lemmings, except, instead of trying to save your soldiers, your mission, as an authentic WWI commander, is to wipe out as many diggers as possible ... the more gruesome the better!

Gallipoli: The Game is available for as a free download at the following link!

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