Infinite Interactive

Infinite Interactive is back, planning more Puzzle Quest

One of the more interesting acquisitions to happen in recent times was the one by Firemint late last year of fellow Melbourne games developer, Infinite Interactive. The announcement arrived with a delightful comic, sparking the imaginations on the possibilities that the joining of these two creative forces would bring.

PopCap wishes they came up with Puzzle Quest

Bejeweled is a puzzle game phenomenom. Making over $500 million dollars in revenue for PopCap, it is one of the top 10 bestselling videogames of all time. It's also one of just two puzzle games that have been inducted into the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame (the other is Tetris) and the Guinness World Records has Bejewled listed as "The Most Popular Puzzle Game Series of the Century."

Kotaku AU interviews Steve Fawkner, Infinite Interactive

Jungalist caught a post E3, post Puzzle Quest 2 interview with game development veteran, Steve Fawkner, for a three-part feature at Kotaku AU. Kotaku AU readers provided a great range of questions for the Infinite Interactive CEO and Lead designer that touch on the big issues, news, and features concerning Puzzle Quest, Galactrix, and the recently released Puzzle Quest 2. From the Kotaku AU interview...

Why do you think Galactrix didn't do as well as Puzzle Quest?

Infinite Interactive release Puzzle Quest 2 Facebook application

When Infinite Interactive published a playable flash version of the highly addictive puzzle-RPG hybrid, Galactrix, many wondered when the Melbourne based developer would dip their feet into the Facebook app space, where casual games like Bejeweled are raking in some serious player numbers.

PopCap games and Square Enix make Puzzle Quest clone

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I wonder how Steve Fawkner and Infinite Interactive feel after hearing the news that casual game giant, PopCap games, and RPG mega giant, Square Enix, have combined forces to create what looks like the ultimate Puzzle Quest:Challenge of the Warlords clone called Gyromancer.

The match-3 puzzle and RPG elements are there, as well as spells, combos, story mode etc. Heck, it's even in the fantasy genre as well.

Take a peek at the trailer below: