Ironmonkey Studios

IronMonkey Studios is Looking for Programmers

We are in need of skilled and enthusiastic games programmers, for both junior and senior roles. Visit the IronMonkey web site at for further information.


We're looking for a computer game programmer for mobile phones. J2ME or BREW knowledge is a plus. C and C++ coders will be highly considered.

A deep-seated love of computer games and computer game creation is a must.

Game Programmer wanted for IronMonkey Studios

Have you ever wanted to know what an IronMonkey was? Have you ever considered becoming one? Have you found yourself wondering what was missing in your life and then suddenly the answer dawned on you ? A senior programming position at IronMonkey Studios!?? If the answer to all of the above is a solemn and profound YES!?, then read on, my dear friend, and you may discover the secret of the IronMonkey Studios.

On a cold and frosty October morn' of 2003, a man stood alone gazing down at his beloved city of Melbourne and declared;