KMM Games

George Miller holds the rights to Team Bondi founder's next title, "Whore of the Orient"

In a feature at the Financial Review, Mad Max and Happy Feet director, George Mlller, says that if the 40% tax rebate for games is given the green light in Australia, he can start the production of two big games here right away. He lists one of the titles as the long rumoured game adaptation of the new Mad Max film which was originally planned for development in Sweden until Miller saw what Team Bondi was capable of with L.A Noire.

40% games industry tax rebate backed by Labor minister and George Miller reports that Federal Arts Minister, Simon Crean, will make the case for extending the 40% producer tax rebate enjoyed by the films sector to the games industry to the expenditure review committee before the next budget. The 40% producer tax rebate was successful in securing film productions such as Happy Feet Two and The Great Gatsby and it's hoped to spark similar revitalising activity for local games developers.

ex-KMM Brisbane Art Director speaks on studio closure and state of industry

The ABC has published an article on the latest casualty in the string of Australian game studio closures to happen this year. The Brisbane arm of KMM Games shuttered last Friday, marking yet another high profile studio closure in Australia. Contributing to the ABC article is the now ex-KMM Brisbane Art Director, Jason Stark, who paints a rather gloomy picture of the local games industry as he explains why these big studios are going belly up, and the exodus of local skilled talent it is causing.

KMM Games Brisbane closes up

News is coming in that yesterday (Friday) was the final day for the Brisbane arm of KMM (Kennedy Miller Mitchell) Games. The short-lived studio was formed in November 2010 after the closure of Krome Studios to work on a multi-platform Happy Feet 2 movie-license game, but has been slowly winding down operations in the past few months as the project nears completion.