Nnooo praises WiiWare

There were six titles that were launched with the recent American launch of WiiWare, and one of the games making the cut was Pop, a casual game developed right here in Balmain (NSW) by Nnooo. As Kotaku AU reports, you can't actually grab it just yet, the downloadable game service for the Wii isn't currently available for our region, but the guys from Nnooo have given the WiiWare service some praise which they say offers developers more control and a better royalty split than releasing the game on disc at retail stores. So what's Pop about?

Nnooo on WiiWare and their game Pop

Kotaku have a feature up about a little known team from Sydney called Nnooo! Games on their WiiWare title named Pop! Pop happens to be the first Western game announced for WiiWare, and the article reveals how the team was able to score the dev kits to develop Pop due to their ideas and not by how well known they are. Of course, it also required a bit of planning and effort, and you'll find out more from the feature...