Console Programmer - Playcorp Studios

Playcorp is a seasoned game development studio based in Melbourne Australia (Melbourne CBD) working with one of the world’s top publishers on games for PC, PS4 and XBox One. The company is growing strategically as it looks to add experienced game developers.

The company uses a data oriented technology stack (DOTS) which Playcorp believe is the future of high-end AAA game development. Playcorp uses the latest version of Unity3D’s ECS core.


Community Manager Intern

Playcorp Studios is searching for a Paid Part-Time enthusiastic and talented Community Manager Intern with a passion for computer games, social media sites and talking to online communities developed throughout the games course. Any social media experience would be great.

We seek someone who is well spoken and passionate when talking to the public about upcoming updates, events or news related to our projects. This person would also have impeccable reading and writing credentials.

Lead Programmer

Playcorp Stuidos is looking for a Senior Lead Programmer with proven Game Industry experience to help our team manage our team.
We're looking for someone who drives the programming team to their full potential while being on top of all programming tasks and deadlines.


Senior Programmers Melbourne

Playcorp Melbourne is looking for highly talented and motivated programmers for senior programming roles that touch on all aspects of game development.

Playcorp is a studio based in Melbourne’s CBD with amazing views of the city and beyond. The Studio boasts a number of seasoned game developers having worked on titles such as Bioshock, Jurassic Park Operation Genesis and Star Wars Rebels to name a few. The studio is working on titles for the PC, Mobile, Xbox One & PS4. The studio is expanding to meet the demands of these projects.


3D Art Generalist

Our ideal candidate is an artist who is a highly creative, multi-talented person who wants be a part of close-knit development team where every member is involved in all aspects of our project's creation. This artist will create a wide variety of 3D game content using 3DS Max.

We believe that a small, focused, and dedicated team of talented people can create exceptional games.