Red Tribe

Redtribe Industry Cluster

Redtribe is now providing space for use as a shared environment for like-minded small and/or start-up teams in the creative industries. The space is flexible depending on your needs. The space is ideal for computer game development and is offered primarily to the Australian game development community.

Red Tribe chooses Gamebryo Engine

Snuggled in a press release by Game engine company, Emergent, on the 50 new license deals for their cross-platform engine called Gamebryo is a small mention of Melbourne game developer, Red Tribe. It's always interesting to see what engines local developers choose for their games, some take on the task of building the tools and engine in-house, while others choose popuar middleware solutions like the Unreal engine and Renderware (well, in the past, anyway).

Vooks interview Chris Mosely on Looney Tunes title has conducted a great interview with Red Tribe's CEO Chris Mosely on the recently released Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal. The interview, which is part post-mortem, covers the freedom they had with Looney Tunes, the decisions behind the gameplay design and look of the game, as well as the challenges of developing for all three console platforms, particularly with the motion sensing controls for the Nintendo Wii. We also find out what Red Tribe are up to next...