Sound Programmer

FMOD looking for programmers

Firelight Technologies is looking for a motivated programmer to help create the next generation of game tools and engine for audio.

We are looking for talented C++ programmers, with experience in Unreal 3 a plus.
Graduates will be considered.

We are located in a very convenient location in Melbourne (next to Flinders St Station) with an enthusiastic/casual atmosphere.

Apply to with CV

Kpow Audio to do The Banner Saga

Since we completed the audio for LA Noire, we have been hard at work setting up our studio for exciting projects when they appear. We were conscious of seeking out projects that were different from LA Noire, as we sought opportunities to show our diversity. So when we saw The Banner Saga, we contacted Stoic right away. By some good fortune, they were fans of our work on LA Noire, so after some email discussions, we were signed on to The Banner Saga!

THQ Studio Australia looking for Lead Art, QA, Design, Audio Engineer, and Programmer staff

THQ Studio Australia, based in sunny Brisbane, Australia, is a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. Founded in January 2003 as part of THQ Inc., THQ Studio Australia now employs more than 90 talented staff developing on all major console platforms, including Microsoft Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Forthcoming releases include a next-gen brutal, intimate melee combat game using a world-class brand, and Avatar on Nintendo Wii.

Big Ant Studios is Expanding

Australia's friendliest Game Studio is growing! With multiple new projects signed for the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3, we need passionate and talented game-makers to fill our swanky city studio in downtown Melbourne, Australia.

Established in 2001, Big Ant Studios has developed a reputation for creating great games across different genres. Our recent successes include the chart-topping 'Sprint Cars: Road to Knoxville' and its sequels, yet-to-be-announced PSP and Wii titles, as well as the current development of our own original Wii title.

Blue Tongue Expanding

Submitted by Blue Tongue HR

Blue Tongue is now hiring a number of new positions in addition to the ones recently advertised. The positions cover all areas of gaming, but specifically are: