Visual Effects Artist

Compositor - Luma Pictures - Santa Monica

Are you a Compositor?

You can

- Composite both digital and live action elements to create groundbreaking visual effects shots for blockbuster films
- Collaborate with fellow artists and supervisors to meet challenging production deadlines
- Understand stereo (3D) and anamorphic compositing in Nuke
- Understand 3D multi-pass rendering techniques and colorspace concepts

You have

- Knowledge of Nuke
- Communication skills
- A team player mentality with a 'get it done' attitude
- Ability to work in high-pressure environment

Crowd Simulation TD - Luma Pictures - Santa Monica

Are you a Crowd Simulation TD?

You Can

- Produce various realistic animation ranging from people, animals, and other objects
- Work with the Animation and Rigging team to develop special character rigs that can be developed in the crowd pipeline and duplicated.
- Be able to create and duplicate crowd animation from several hundred to several thousand

You Have

Senior FX Artists (Remote or Onsite) - ASAP!

Senior FX Artists (Remote or Onsite) - ASAP!

Plastic Wax is an award winning animation and production studio specialising in the creation of premium digital content for the global video games and film industry.

We are currently looking for various Senior FX Artists whose reel reflects a focus in a specific field of FX.
As such, we are looking for artists who specialise in, or have specialised in: