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Matt sat down at the BigWorld GDC booth with Andres Bordeu and Carlos Bordeu, co-founders of Ace Team, prominent Chilean developer that came out of the mod community to develop instant classics like Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages. The studio is known for its very unique, out-of-the-box direction in game development, and they took a few minutes to impart upon BigWorld's Indie developer community some of their experience going pro and becoming one of the most respected game development studios in Latin America.

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Company: CEO Victor Kislyi talks to Matt about World of Tanks,'s explosive growth, World of Warplanes, his favorite (French) tank, and other topics.

BigWorld Technology is the middleware upon which is building its 3-part franchise: World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Battleships.

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It's exciting times for Sydney's Bigworld tech and their MMO middleware solution with the launch of the Global Alpha Test for the potentially huge World of Warplanes.

The free-to-play dogfight game, developed by, uses BigWorld tech to run the entire show just like's other mega-hit game, the 3 million+ player strong Guiness world of record breaking World of Tanks. The footage below is the first Alpha gameplay video of World of Warplanes, released by the developers to entice would-be top guns to join the open alpha test for some serious high-flying PvP action in a variety of different warplanes.

Alpha testers must take note of the terms and conditions of joining up, however. There's a strict no-disclosure agreement and if you're found to be breaking any of the rules (no releasing of screenshots, videos, describing of game mechanics etc) then expect to get permanently banned from both World of Warplanes and World of Tanks as well as a public outing on the World of Warplanes website!

The BigWorld MMO Technology Suite was also featured in Develop's GDC Essential Engines Guide and listed among world leading game engines such as Unreal, Unity, and CryEngine.

Bigworld social media director, Matt Daly, was at hand to tout the ability of BigWorld to take on new platforms and any front-end, and to redefine what massively multiplayer gaming means...

(Matt D) One of the biggest-font items on BigWorld’s roadmap is interoperability between BigWorld Server and the new platforms that are going to make it increasingly possible to bring more users simultaneously into an experience, re-defining the concept of ‘massive’ in gaming


DSO Gaming has confirmed that this cloudy video production is of Stalker Online running on the BigWorld Tech engine. Stalker Online isn't related to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R ip, mind you, and has been worked on by another game developer entirely for quite some time. And while there are plenty of Stalker Online videos available for viewing on places like youtube, this particular new video stands out for its leap in visual aesthetics for the game, despite being filmed off another monitor.

Most demonstrations of games utilising BigWorld Technology showcase highly expansive rolling landscapes and large open worlds, whilst this shows off another side to the Australian developed MMO suite entirely. Looking like something straight out of Fallout 3, it begins with a tour on an underground bunker with some great attention to detail on close quarter environmental objects, as well as some fantastic texture work and lighting.

It looks like it's all still running on the BigWorld 2.0 engine as well. BigWorld 3 promises Realtime shadows, Dynamic time of day, HDR lighting, and ambient occlusion.


One of the big showcases at e3 this year was a game called World of Tanks. If you were lucky enough to attend the show, you couldn't have missed the large promotional tanks placed outside and within the e3 conference halls. They gave a very mighty impression.

World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online game consisting of more than 90 historically accurate armored tanks from the mid-20th century. It's a free-to-play title which features micro payments for premium items such as medkits, camouflage nets, and improved ammunition. A closed beta commenced in July 8, 2010, and since its release in April this year, World of Tanks has been a rip roaring success. The game has accumulated nearly 3 million registered users, with 2 million of those coming from Russia alone.

Of course, the technology behind this amazing accomplishment is achieved by none other than the locally developed MMO suite of tools, BigWorld tech.

Much has been said about BigWorld's capability to run incredible amounts of concurrent entities in the same space, on the same server. BigWorld demonstrated 900 players roaming around in the same spot in 1999 when at the time, popular online game like Tribes usually had no more than around 50 players. When in 2005, BigWorld demonstrated an impressive 100,000 users on a BigWorld server, the question rapidly changed from "how do we get a huge number of players on at the same spot" to a more design provoking "why"?

In 2011, the World of Tanks may be the answer to that question...

World of Tanks is remarkable because it has the achieved a World Guinness Record for "Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server". The record was registered in January 2011, with a single Russian server hosting 91,311 World of Tanks players. The developers were obviously delighted with the achievement, but were quick to respond that it was possible to set the bar even higher, thanks to BigWorld tech...

"We are excited to see so many people playing World of Tanks and the new record is an important achievement for us," said Victor Kislyi, CEO of "However, with the population of the game growing steadily another week or two would let us report a more impressive record as the current PCCU number surpasses 120,000 players".

The World of Tanks developers have announced at e3 their next project, likely to be running Bigworld Tech, called World of Warplanes.


A little bit late with this news, but BigWorld Tech have made an extraordinary announcement with some new licensing plans for their MMO suite of tools and engine, with the aim of knabbing interest from indie developers and schools.

To break down the new licenses:

- Indie license: max 10,000 subscribers, no source code, 25 seats, 10% royalty = $299 (US) annually
- Indie Source license: source code, all of the above and access to more plugins, $2,999 (US) annually
- Academic license: Similar to the Indie license, no source code, (US) $299 for up to 25 students per year

The commercial license runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and so is only for serious ventures only, but with these new licenses, prototyping and testing your MMO ideas is an extremely affordable option with BigWorld Tech...

So why is BigWorld Tech doing this just now? Well, from the FAQ on their website...

Indie developers have been asking for an affordable version of BigWorld Technology from the day we started licensing it. We think that we're now in a position to make it available.

Additionally, getting a groundswell of engineers, artists and developers who are familiar with the scope and capabilities of BigWorld Technology going forward can only be a good thing for game development, our commercial customers and the gaming public. The Mod and Indie scene is arguably stronger and better positioned than ever before in the brief history of game development, and many of these groups want to try their hand at Virtual or graphical social worlds or MMOs.

More details at the following link...

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