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Mid-Level Programmer

Well Placed Cactus is looking for a Mid-Level Programmer to join our team on a month to month contract for an expected 6 months of full-time hours, with the potential for ongoing employment.

Well Placed Cactus creates games and apps, serious games, installations, VR/AR and fringe technology projects.

We are a remote team and so the job will require you to work remotely, so this must be something you are comfortable with. If you are Melbourne based we have an office in the Arcade which you may work from, otherwise your home office must meet safe work requirements.


UI Designer/Artist wanted for Well Placed Cactus

Contract: UI Designer/Artist

Well Placed Cactus needs an experience UI artist to design and deliver a UI for a web/mobile game. The turnaround is fast, we need delivery in the next two weeks. Build will be delivered in web and ipad and must be well sliced or high resolution.

UI will be implemented in NGUI in Unity.

The art requirements are a flat style but with lots of highlight details.

BoomBastic Bear Prototype

BoomBastic Bear Prototype

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Built for the 48hour gaming challenge with the key words Arms, Growth and Sticky.

This is a kinect game where the player controls a giant bear. The bear must wipe sticky goo of it's body to stay alive. If the bear is covered in too much goo it's movement slows down until it can't move anymore and then it is game over.

Built with Unity3D.

48hr Game Making Challenge

Well Placed Cactus

Camel Rush - Gameplay

Camel Rush - Gameplay

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Here is a quick video showing a play through of our first iPhone release, Camel Rush. The gameplay is as simple as swiping to jump over the cute critters. The higher you swipe the higher you jump. Doesn't get much simpler than that mate.

Camel Rush is free for iPhone so have a crack.

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/camel-rush/id542102236?mt=8

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