Top 50 video games of all time!!


The Age has a nice list of their best 50 video games of all time.. and as the first paragraph of the article says, it sure is open to much debate. ;)

Personally, I would have put Tony Hawk (#48), Metal Gear Solid (#32), Street Fighter 2 (#30), Elite (#28), and Counterstrike (#27) much much higher.. and push back Halo a bit, and Myst (#12) way out of the top #50 :).. oh, and Tetris as #2..

On my top 50 list, I'd also include International Soccer (hey, it rocked!!), and Exploding Fist, on the 'ole C64. Rainbow Islands, Silkworm IV, Xenon II, and Speedball II on the Amiga.. yeh, I am old skool! What games did you like that weren't on the list? Yes, discussion here ! :)