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New talent is needed in Sweden

Submitted by Andreas Poike / ASGD

The Swedish game development community is expanding and new talent is needed.

Sweden has a long and proud tradition of developing first class games and 2004 looks to be another stellar year. Games like Battlefield Vietnam, Rallisport II, The Chronicles of Riddick and Ground Control II are getting great reviews and selling well. Sweden?s game developers are now looking for more talent to keep up with the expanding business.

There are job openings for artists, designers, programmers and producers. Talent is needed for both smaller pc productions and major next generation consol projects. Many companies have also indicated that they will need even more people this autumn and winter.

The job openings can be found at ASGD's homepage, ASGD is the association for game developers in Sweden.

Association of Swedish Game Developers, ASGD, was founded in December 2003. Founding members are Daydream, Digital Illusions, Massive Entertainment and Starbreeze Studios. ASGD works to strengthen and support the Swedish games industry.

For more information:
Andreas Poike
Phone: +46 (0)8 50568286
Mobile: +46 (0)705388186

Submitted by anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 21/07/04 - 2:22 AM Permalink

  • 1. smart - Tuesday, September 07, 2004 - 1:38:16 AM
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