Vendetta Studios - looking for bot pathing help


Submitted by |VS|ZenDiesel

Hey all, ZenDiesel here again from VendettaStudios...we are still looking for modellers and artists, and we also have a need for bot pathing specialists (familiar with Unreal Engine) for Project X.

Also I would like to tell you we have another fun little game in the works, Vendetta Bowling. A true, 24+ player bowling sim with full stats tracking, beautiful graphics, and some extra fun features (think a lil like NBA Jam for arcade/consoles). We are in need of character modellers here, and also we could use a music master too. We have permission from Teque (the guy who did the 3D Mark 2000/2001 music for Mad Onion) to use his current songs in the Project X mod, but we are looking for something different for bowling. More of a retro-funk laced with rock kind of musical theme. We also already have plans in the works for local AUS servers for bowling (Bowling will be done way before PX).

Anyone interested in helping, or heck, just anyone interested in what we are doing, drop me a line!

|VS|Zendiesel - /

PS - Many thanks Sumea! This is the kind of site that every country/region needs!