Some info on Doom III skinning


Another article with an ID guy from Gamespy.. this interview with lead designer, Tim Willits, reveals that models are gonna need bumpmaps, specular maps, and diffuse maps! Who knew that we'd need to do this in real time so soon !

Tim Willits: Yeah. The artists first make a model of the texture, like the one side. Then they renderbump that, which creates the height map, and then that you use to create the shadows.

You have your bumpmap, which gives it kind of a textured feeling; the specular map, which gives you?you see how you have the shine on your watch here?; then you have the diffuse map, which is your color, on it?

All these things have to be created in order to have one texture. Where in the past, you painted it in Photoshop, and you were done.

GameSpy: So it's a much more time consuming process.

Tim Willits: It's 5X more work now