Here is the new SEGA Studios Australia corporate logo


The Creative Assembly established its Australian studio back in 2002 as Creative Assembly Australia, and since the acquisition by SEGA in 2005, the Australian studio has gone through various name changes over the years. For a while, it identified itself as Sega Creative Assembly, but since December 2010, the studio was rebranded as SEGA Studios Australia. Fresh from the announcement that the studio is working on the official game for the London 2012 olympics, SEGA Studios Australia has been given a shiny new corporate logo and a website to go with it.

From Kotaku AU, a few words from Gary Dunn, Senior Vice President - Production, SEGA Europe and SEGA America...

SEGA Studios Australia has been involved in the development of some of SEGA’s most successful games; this new corporate image will not only reflect their development heritage but also the exciting new times ahead for the team


designerwatts's picture

Looks quite 90s. With a hint of Seaworld.

I like it! :D

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I like it too. It's simple and clean, and the swirl in the middle is definitely necessary to give the logo an identity.

Out of all the local developer logo's however, my personal favourite has to be Sidhe's.

(With apologies to Flightless, the design agency, for hotlinking their image)

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Damn! Now I won't be able to get Seaworld out of my head every time I look at this! :P