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Signature of M


There are many talented artists in the games industry. The signature of M is a competition to “create a new iconic, artistic emblem for Melbourne, that gives the city a contemporary image. This is a visual time capsule for Melbourne - A personal signature for the city.”

The artwork can take the form of a painting, drawing, photo, digital image, 2D sculpture, glasswork, stencil or film still.

This is no small competition, and is partnered by over 100 businesses, including Myer and the AFL, with the winning entry claiming a $150,000 first prize. It would be great to see this picked up by a member of the games artist community.

To enter you must be over 18, and be an Australian citizen or permanent resident that has resided in Australia for more than the last calendar year. Artists must register before the 29th of July, and submissions are between the 30th of July and the 5th of August. Check out the related link for more details.