Our Wonderful Nature animation


Ok, I couldn't resist posting about this animation. It's absolutely brilliant and hilarious too!

In an exciting wildlife show exposé, the mating rituals of Water Shrews are revealed to be more than just a quick scuffle.

"Our Wonderful Nature" took out the Jury choice for the aniBoom awards in late 2008.

If you have a few hours to spare, do check out that aniBoom site, there's some amazing animation to be seen there! The actual winner of the 2008 aniBoom awards is "Bang Bang, You Are Bread" which I think was made by an Australian.


Bittman's picture

Unexpectedly hilarious, I'll need to watch it many times to get everything out of it.

I'll also look over the other submissions later I guess. I mean, if that's any indication of the quality there should be some gems in there.

Anonymous's picture

the whole slow-mo matrix fight thing is getting a bit old... a decade old. and it just dragged that one "gag" out for the entire thing

not engaging at all really. they could have done so much more with the same content in the same time frame. the whole "they do everything faster" setup could have been exploited waaay more. instead of a 4min matrix joke

souri's picture

C'mon, you didn't find it at all humorous? Tough crowd! :)

The animation really is extraordinary too. The way those shrews moved in the beginning with their random twitches and inquisitive actions look so lifelike.

Bittman's picture

So slow-mo combat = matrix nowdays? In that case every game is a rip-off of Pong, since they did it first. Why not complain they made it look like a nature documentary with a English voice? BBC did that first too and it's well beyond a decade old.

I'm with Souri though, the joke is only part of the great animation. I've watched it 5 times and I get a little something extra each time, that's what makes a great animation.

abe2mir's picture

I agree, this is a brilliant piece! life-like animations, great camera angles, and the humor just adds to it even more.